Most of visitors who can read web pages written in Korean may come to this korean informix blog via the Informix-Zone.

I, however, can guess that some of you can not read any pages in Korean.

So this welcome message was made for these people I concern.

This blog have been made and updated by a university student who was an intern in IBM during the last winter vacation.

As I have to study at the Korea University, Seoul, most of further updates will be made during weekends.

Anyway, I really appreciate all of visitors and hope you could get some useful informations about IBM's secret weapon, IDS.

It is quite impressive that Informix has such many faithful users like you, and IBM is fortunate enough to have the great IDS customers and developers.

If you want to contact me with any reason, send me E-mail at

Thank you.

Kibok Kim
Posted by babovirus